Global Trader Inc

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Global Trader Inc.

Edge Over Wall Street

To access Live, Real Time Demo Session, every Wed. at 11:00 AM (Pacific, Cali time), 2:00 PM, EDT (NY Time), please click here.

E mini trading is simple if you have been given the right education and tools.

E mini  trading is also not about how much money one can make in the market, but how you control and limit your losses.

The goal of Global Trader Inc. (GTI) is to share with you our approach to effectively and methodically trade E-mini's in the Futures market. Our study material and training is designed to be easily understood by anyone, even with no prior knowledge to trading. GTI can also help traders with many years of experience, who may wish to approach the Futures market with a different and fresh perspective.

You will learn to identify signals that help you enter and exit trades without guesswork and based on the collective information provided by our indicators. Simulated real time trading is designed to accelerate the learning curve and help you reach your trading goals quickly and efficiently.

Although simple, trading is not for everyone but with time and practice, trading can offer extreme flexibility in your work schedule and provide for a lifestyle that most people can only envy and/or dream of.

Sean S. Abaii
Founder, CEO